Y87 –Wireless Connected Thermostat

Electronic thermostat on/off to control the heating

CHF 145.00

Electronic thermostat on/off to control the heating 

The thermostat can be connected to internet, this allows to program the temperature, time slots and remote control, using the app. for mobile devices. 

  • Number of zones: 1
  • Support for hot water storage: No
  • Support for underwater heating system: Yes
  • Support for combined boilers: Yes
  • Support for traditional boilers: Yes 
  • Backlit monochrome display 
  • Interface tactile dial user 
  • Weekly programme control: Yes, only through the app
  • Free installation, wireless on the wall (powered by two batteries AA)
  • Remote access: Yes, through gateway
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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 188 × 104 × 70 mm

1 product installation

Application Heating/Cooling



CE, Declaration of conformity D1117

Class ErP


Manual functions

Easy temperature setting thanks to rotating dial.

Temperature Regulation Range


Precisione del controllo della temperatura


Output signal setting

Proportional and complete in time On/Off