Heat cost allocator complete with 2 temperature sensors, recording of the detected room temperature, radio transmission of the detected data using the Wireless transmission protocol MBUS EN13757-4 OMS

CHF 75.00

 Heating cost allocator 

  • Approved in accordant with the German decree on accounting of heating costs (HKVO); compliant with EN 834 e UNI 10200 to standards 
  • Retention of 132 monthly values and 132 fortnightly values
  • Prepared for remote sensor 
  • Optical interface 
  • Optional M-Bus wireless interface (EN 13757-4) can be used for both mobile reading (walk-by) and for fixed reading (ARM)using the factory settings (automatic activation during installation)
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Weight 52 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 mm

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